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We dedicated to delivery excelency on every project. Well trained human resource and equip with complete equipment will guarante our workforce to give the best result more than customer can expect.

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Casing Clearance

Casing clearance very important process before next step can be started and to make sure everything is on place

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Sample Catcher

Extract Information from on site sampling material and generate report for further analysis

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Liquid Sample

Analysis mineral and liquid sample on site to generate decission what action should it take.

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Downhole Survey

Survey downhole on site is critical process before a project can be confirmed to be explore or not.

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Multi Caliper

Multi Caliper is part of the process that should not to forget, and we are the right guy to do it

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Fishing Job

Lost something is not a good ide, and it become critical if it contain value data. Retieve back what you should have

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