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Management Preface

PT.SANGGA BUTALA SETU (SABS) was established on 13th October 1999 and mostly operating within Oil & Gas Operation . SABS had contracts for performing Slick line operation and E-line operation for running Electronic Memory Recorders (EMR).

In 2012 SABS was taken over by Mr.Joe Montang and become a Family Company that all shares owned by his Family.

Joe Montang have worked within Oil & Gas Operation with Roy M Huffington Inc. that then become VICO ; with BP Exploration Ltd ; Brown & Root Company and Stolt Offshore Company from 1972 until 2003.

Now Joe Montang is the President Director of SABS.

Since 2012, SABS has more activities in Geothermal Operations to carry out Down hole Survey Services.

Words from Mr.Joe Montang the President Director of PT.Sangga Butala Setu (SABS).

I am willing to see Indonesia growing up with high technology and skilled-full human resources available nearby and with quick response.

We therefore maintain our Equipment in perfect condition at all time and the engineers are trained well to be ready to perform their duties in good level of acceptance.

We created our own Tools that suitable for the Geothermal wells such our Mechanical Liquid Sampler and Broaching Tools that invented by SABS.

Our Liquid Sampler and Broaching Tools were designed by our own engineers and have been run in Geothermal wells very successfully.

SABS engineers have been trained accordingly so that they have advanced knowledge such as in running PT & PTS by memory or by SRO including ability to understand the Calibration System process , Tools software and Reporting system.

Our Calibration Lab , Well Simulator and High temperature Chamber are located in our workshop in Jakarta that enabling us to have quick access for necessary testing.

Sincerely yours,
Joe Montang
About SABS

Downhole Survey Services

Introduce us PT Sangga Butala Setu (SABS) Well Services, is a National Private company which in carrying out its activities is engaged in Downhole Survey Services in the scope of Oil and Gas Mining (Migas) and Geothermal/Geothermal.

SABS Established since 1999 with the Deed dated October 13, 1999 No. 3 before Notary Mrs. Sri Bandiningsih, SH & Deed of Amendment No. 15 with Notary Zainal Almanar, SH dated April 8, 2010 and the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-21893.AH.01.02 Year 2010 Dated April 29, 2010. Deed of Amendment No.7 from Notary Johny Hastiar SH February 16, 2012.

PT Sabs strives to stay within the corridor of its specialization activities, namely:

SABS Vision & Mission

PT SABS is not a company with a high level of perfection, but in its simplicity PT SABS intends to always strive to provide optimal service for its customers and build a positive image and maintain work safety with zero accidents and keep the environment at good limits. With this philosophy, PT SABS is expected to be able to compete in providing the final quality of every work it carries out.

While running its business, SABS strives to provide the best service while maintaining quality and concern for the preservation of the environment and the surrounding community. Therefore SABS has been accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001 while remaining committed to running it as best as possible. SABS always improves performance with professional performance, with reliable management and employees according to specific field competencies and is expected to build a harmonious partnership bridge. Good in terms of communication, language and perception. In realizing all of this, SABS has a clear Vision and Mission as follows:

Our Vision

To become a reliable, advanced company and develop professionally.

Our Mission

Dedicating ourselves in the field of Wireline Logging and Slickline services with special technology equipment and systems, in well data retrieval (Data Acquisition Systems) and Monitoring System services. Increase the added value of human resources through direct and consistent practice of learning technology in the field so that they can immediately become independent towards professional and broad-minded Indonesian people. Provide added value and job opportunities for the community so that it can help improve economic capacity.

Our Advantage

  • Has high expertise and is very experienced in the field of Well Services, especially Geothermal Wells (Geothermal) owned by the Government / State Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Oil and Gas Wells (Oil & Gas);
  • Best quality and price.
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